Refresher Driving Lessons Cranleigh

Refresher Driving Lessons in Cranleigh from MGM Driving School.
Refresher Driving Courses in GuildfordGodalming to give pupils the ability to refresh and enhance their driving skills.

refresher driving lessons cranleigh

Refresher Driving Lessons & courses Cranleigh

Helping you to build your confidence.

Refresher driving courses Cranleigh can range from a single driving lesson to a
course of lessons aimed at improving a particular area of driving and road safety.

Refresher driving lessons and courses Cranleigh

can be a good choice for a variety of pupils helping you to gain more experience and grow in confidence

Lessons and courses can begin with an introductory lesson that allows your driving instructor to ascertain
your needs and devise the best-tailored programme for your refresher driving lesson or course.

Pupils that can benefit include:

Qualified Drivers

Qualified drivers that have spent some time away from the driving wheel.
This could be due to illness, spending time away from the country or maybe you passed when you were seventeen and then went off to university.

Drivers who passed their test in a manual car and then switched to an automatic for some years, and now need to return to a manual car.
Foreign licence holders that need to familiarise themselves with UK roads and motorways.

Sometimes getting back behind the wheel can make you feel nervous or anxious.

Our patient instructors can devise a suitable course on or off road to get you back behind the wheel feeling confident to tackle any situations that might arise.

Supervising Driver

Qualified drivers that would like to supervise a learner driver whilst they are learning with an Instructor.
When pupils first start on road lessons we have found a majority will buy their own car to continue practicing between lessons.
This helps the pupils reach test standard much more quickly, resulting in less driving lessons required with the instructor.
Pupils need to sit next to a supervising qualified driver while they are having private lessons in their own car.
If the supervising driver is not up to date with the current coaching techniques in teaching a pupil to drive a car this can sometimes cause bad habits hindering the learning process.
We would advise any qualified drivers wishing to take a pupil out for private on road practice to take a short course with one of our driving instructors.
This will help progress the pupil and many qualified drivers have said how it has transformed their own driving and confidence.

Motorway Lessons

Qualified drivers who feel they would benefit from further tuition with motorways, complex road systems or lack confidence in a particular skill.

MGM Driving School can offer tuition and guidance on the latest safe driving methods, practical test procedures, test routes and legal issues.

As with all MGM Driving School services you will benefit from a tailored lesson or course from a fully qualified Approved Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency Instructor, offering a personalised high level of service that you will not find with other driving schools.

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