Show Me Tell Me Questions Page 1

Show Me Tell Me Practical Driving Test Questions

Vehicle Safety Questions.

Before the practical driving test the examiner will ask you two basic safety questions that a driver should carry out to ensure the vehicle is safe to drive.

These questions are referred to as the “show me, tell me” or vehicle safety questions.

The candidate will be asked one show me and one tell me question out of a possible 19 questions and 13 different combinations of questions.

If one or both questions are answered incorrectly then this will result in one driving fault being recorded.

In this section of the site we have provided a link for you to download the vehicle safety questions and detailed photos of the Vauxhall Corsa.  This shows the location of various controls related to the show me tell me questions and additional notes for the show me tell me sections.

More Info regarding vehicle safety questions

Show Me Tell Me Question Index

Page 1  Index

Photos Vauxhall Corsa Show Me Tell Me Questions

Page 2 Central Control Console - Engine Bay - Hazard Switch - Windscreen Washer Reservoir

Page 3  Oil level indicator - Engine Coolant - Head Restraint - Brake Fluid Reservoir

Page 4  Tyre Tread Depth - Tyre Pressures - Windscreen Wash Switch - Light Switch

Page 5  Demister Controls - Fog Lights - ABS Light - Main Beam Switch

Show Me Question Additional Notes

Page 6  Direction Indictors - Parking Brakes - Horn - Power Steering - Brake Lights

Page 7  Engine Oil Level - Engine Coolant - Brake Fluid  Reservoir - Windscreen Wash System

Page 8  Demister Controls - Fog Lights

Page 9  Main Beam

Tell Me Questions Additional Notes

Page 10  Brakes - Windscreen Washer Reservoir - Tyre Pressures - Head Restraint

Page 11  Tyre Tread Depth - Anti Lock Braking System - Headlights and Tail lights

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