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Prices for Driving Lessons and Driving Courses

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On Road Driving Lessons

Pay as you Go

1 x Hour £30.00

2 x Hours £58.00

Block Bookings Discounts

10 x Hours £285.00

20 x Hours £560.00

30 x Hours £830.00

40 x Hours £1100.00


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Pass Plus Course

6 x Hours Total £180.00

Motorway Lesson

2 x Hours Total £60.00

Intensive Driving Courses

Theory Test must be passed

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Under 17 Off Road Driving Courses

Driving Experience

Course: 60 minutes £80.00

Driving Challenge

Course: 2 x Hours £140.00

Advanced Driving Challenge

Course: 4 x Hours £280.00

Off Road & On Road Course

Course 1: 2 x Hours (off road)

Course 2: 2 x Hours (off road)

Course 3: 2 x Hours (on road)

6 x Hours Total £340.00

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Use of car for test

Total £90.00

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Seonaid - Guildford

Friendly and professional atmosphere is vital when learning how to drive. MGM was exactly that. I would definitely recommend their driving lessons.

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Tom - Shamley Green

The quality of driving tuition was first class and allowed me to pass first time with very few minors. I would recommend MGM to anyone learning.


Eleanor - Guildford

Initially I had a couple of lessons at Dunsfold with MGM before turning 17 which I found highly beneficial and allowed me to have more confidence when going out on the main roads because I already had an understanding of the basics.
When I turned 17 I continued lessons with MGM and went on to pass my test 3 months after my birthday.
My parents wanted me to complete the Pass Plus program so that they felt more confident and comfortable with me driving in various conditions and on the motorway. I really enjoyed the additional program and believe that it enhanced my driving ability and increased my confidence.


Katie - Guildford

As a mature nervous driver I was very impressed with the patient, thorough tuition I was given. I passed my test the first time and this was down to my instructor. I was taught at a pace I was comfortable with and could ask any question I liked, and receive a confident, informed reply. I would recommend MGM to anyone as a fantastic Driving School - thank you!


Tim - Guildford

I started my driving with MGM with an Under 17 off road session at Dunsfold airfield. This session was very helpful and taught me the basics of driving and gave me confidence before I started having driving lessons on the road. I also had my on-road driving lessons with MGM and I soon became quite competent on the road. The instructor was very friendly and patient with me and taught me well and helped me improve any weaknesses I had. After having lessons with MGM I passed my test and am now a confident driver.

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Bryony - Godalming

My instructor was brilliant, he was always very punctual for my lessons and explained things well, he also remained calm even if I made a mistake. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor and I would definitely recommend MGM to any learner drivers!


Cammie - Cranleigh

Having passed my test with MGM, I also did "Pass Plus" with them. Not only did I have a fantastic instructor but he was so patient and understanding. Throughout the entirety of my training, my instructor kept me calm and if I did not understand something, he always had another way of explaining so that I would do so - I have never forgotten him saying "tyres and tarmac"!!! I have recommended MGM to many of my friends and my brother and they all passed first time!!!! If it was not for my instructor, I do not think I would still be accident and speeding ticket free!!!!! He is the best instructor any new, learner driver could have - it was a privilege to be taught by him.

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MGM Driving School believe in supporting the driving lessons and driving courses we provide with continuous consultations.

We do our best to keep students informed as to how many lessons are needed before they are able to put forward for the practical driving test, taking into account local waiting times so that they can budget accordingly.

MGM Driving School also provide special offers throughout the year including a Trial lesson.

As with all MGM Driving School services you will benefit from a tailored driving lesson or driving course from a fully qualified Approved Driving Standard Agency Instructor, offering a personalised high level of service that you will not find with other Driving Schools.

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Mature L

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Refresher Driving Lessons


Driving Courses Defensive


Pass Plus Driving Course

Pass Plus

Automatic Driving Lessons

2 x Hours Total £65.00

3 Day Course - Test Booster

Option 1: 2 hour assessment + 10 hours on road tuition + Practical Test Fee + Use of car for test.     Total £527.00

Option 2: 2 hour assessment + 14 hours on road tuition + Practical Test Fee + Use of car for test.     Total £647.00          

5 Day Course - Driver Enhancer

Option 1: 2 hour assessment + 18 hours on road tuition + Practical Test Fee + Use of car for test.   Total £767.00

Option 2: 2 hour assessment + 26 hours on road tuition + Practical Test Fee + Use of car for test.   Total £1007.00

8 Day Course

Option 3: 2 hour assessment + 30 hours on road tuition + Practical Test Fee + Use of car for test.   Total £1127.00               

14 Day Course - Rookie

4 hours off road tuition at our off road track + 50 hours on road tuition + Practical test fee + Use of car for test.

Total £1947.00       

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