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Motorway Driving Lessons helping you to stay safe.

Motorways are unlike any other road, not just because of the number of lanes, the high traffic volumes and vehicle speeds, but also there are rules and signs that only relate to motorways.

Motorway Driving Lessons from MGM Driving School are able to give you invaluable training and experience with motorway driving.

Motorway Driving Course

Planning journeys in advance.

Joining and leaving Motorways.

Safe speeds in different circumstances.

Effective observation (use of all mirrors, blind spots, scanning the near, middle and far distance)

Signs, Signals and markings.

Overtaking and lane discipline.

Courtesy to other road users.

Motorway fatigue.

Breakdown procedures.

Use of lights, including hazard-warning lights.

Debris on the carriageways


Topics Covered will include:

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Motorway Driving Lessons and Courses are a good choice for a variety of pupils.

Pupils that have just past their Practical Driving Test and do not wish to take the pass plus courses.

Nervous Drivers that wish to develop their motorway skills.

Experienced drivers who wish to develop or learn the techniques of motorway driving.

Foreign license holders wanting to gain motorway driving experience.

As with all MGM Driving School services you will benefit from a tailored lesson or course from a fully qualified Approved Driving Standard Agency Instructor, offering a personalised high level of service that you will not find with other driving schools.

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