Mock Driving Test

Improve your chances of passing the Practical Car Test First Time

Taking any type of test can make you nervous and the thought can leave you feeling stressed or with test anxiety.

Our instructors know exactly what you are going through as they have helped hundreds of pupils gain the skill and confidence to pass the practical driving test.

You have worked hard to gain the skills required to now take the practical driving test with hours of practice.

But are you ready?

Why not improve your chances of passing the practical car test first time by taking a mock driving test.

Our experienced driving instructors will tell you exactly what you need to do to pass the test.

The Mock test can be carried out in your own car or the instructors dual controlled car.

The Mock test will include a full debrief and advice to any areas of improvement.

Additional lessons can then be provided if needed.

The cost of the Mock Test is just £60.00

Contact Us Now to arrange your Mock Test

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